A Taste of Mattancherry

After my friend and I bought our fish from our vendor in Fort Cochin by the Chinese Nets yesterday we drove over to nearby Mattancherry/Jewtown, the western part of Ernakulam and the most famous Tourist attraction in this area.

Shortly I will write all about this place with many beautiful photographs.

But since we were in a bit of a hurry trying to find a small gift for somebody in one of the many antique shops we did not waste too much time. My friend made her purchase and I promised our own friends in this place to return very soon with more time on my hands; after all I had not been here for about a year or so and many things had changed. The photographs you see here today were taken by me some time ago.

But for today I just leave you with this very small visual impression of some of the beautiful items to be found in the Antique shops of Jewtown, enough hopefully to ‘whet your appetite for more’.


Ciao, Carinae


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