H A P P Y D I W A L I 2012

To you, who celebrate Diwali, our very best wishes go out to you, our friends and readers, here in India and anywhere else in this world where you may be right now. Have a wonderful time celebrating your festival of lights (and sweets!).

We do not celebrate Diwali in our house, but I wanted to post something on this happy occasion. I also wanted a different kind of picture for my first Diwali on this blog – the usual ones are lots and lots of (candle) lights and lots of fireworks. So ‘sweets’ jumped to my mind. Now I do not really have a sweet tooth and maybe that is one of the reasons why I am lacking a certain talent in baking and/or making those sweets which are so very popular here.

Once I had made up my mind regarding the photographs, I jumped into the car and off I went to a great place not too far away from my house. A place well known to everybody here and which has supplied me with countless cakes of all different kinds over the 10 plus years I now live here. Cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, and countless other reasons, like just simply saying ‘thank you’ to somebody for a job well-done or to cheer a friend up when she is down in the dumps – Kerala ladies (and men, for that matter) on the whole have a very sweet tooth. And even our daughters like to take back with them to their colleges a small parcel of assorted sweets, biscuits etc.

K.R. Bakes, whose motto is “Baked with Love” was established in 1969 in Coimbatore in our neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu by their Chairman, Mr. Balan. In Cochin alone, one can find 17 outlets, supplying the public with their delicious wares.

Mr. Anoop, the Regional Manager for the State of Kerala kindly let me put together a small assortment of their special Diwali sweets – there was so much to choose from, I did not know where to start (nor stop) really. So, Mr. Rajeevan, the Shop Manager, came to my rescue and gave me a helping hand.

The Bakery sells special Diwali presentation boxes in ½ kg and 1 kg boxes , but of course, many choose to put together their own assortment from the more than100 different delectable sweets on display. And for anyone with a true sweet tooth standing in front of the counters and looking at the wares, I can hear them mutter “….oh decisions, decisions, decisions!!!….”




Ciao, Carina


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