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Swetha, Rima, Neetha

Two little school girls, Swetha and Rima from the same town called Thrissur here in Kerala became best friends and remained thou even after they moved to Bangalore to attend College in order to get their Bachelor Degree in Journalism. There they were joined by Neetha, another student.

They grew up, sharing similar dreams, ideas about fashion and life-style – a common outlook on life in general. In January 2012 the three friends got together and decided on a joint business venture and so “Soul Sisters” was launched with a successful exhibition in, where else? – Thrissur of course. The name was the only obvious choice for those close young women. And as Rima said “…Swetha is my childhood friend and Neetha my bosom buddy…”

Rima is of course Rima Kallingal, an Indian model and film actress, predominantly appearing in Malayalam cinema, through which she shot to fame.

We have in our own library a couple of her films, viz., “Happy Husbands” and “22 Female Kottayam”, of which especially the latter caught our attention – very well acted and we feel that she certainly is a talent to watch out for here on our own silver screen .  I have to admit we have seen this film now twice and maybe tonight we watch it just once more for good measure.

Rima is currently in Cochin for the filming of her new film “Kamath & Kamath” and yesterday she and her two best friends, the trio known as the “Soul Sisters” launched a small but very exquisite exhibition at the ABAD PLAZA Hotel on M.G Road in Ernakulam.

I was on my way to my hairdresser but when Jo telephoned and told me of the small article in one of our local papers, I simply had to delay my ‘touch-up-appointment” and pop into the exhibition, only feeling a little bit sad, that Bianca could not be with me to see this – obviously she would have loved it.  

  Bianca Celine Diane

But once there I took a few shots and even bought a little Christmas gift for her (shhhhh….secret!).

All the Sarees, Shalwar Kameez, Skirts and little blouses are the original ideas of the “Soul Sisters” who work closely with their designer in the final execution of the garment.

I leave you now with a glimpse of a very hectic and satisfying shopping day for their customers.


(My personal favourite pencil grey silk chiffon saree)

Ciao, Carina

(Disclaimer: The review is published on the basis of my visit to the exhibition and it is expressly stated that I have no dealings whatsoever with the artists or items displayed. CS)

(All photos: CS/Manningtree Archive)