2 thoughts on “Christmas37

  1. Hey carina… At last I get to read u r blog … Now I regret not having read it earlier…. The photographs are jus out of the world and the write ups r so informative and at the same time crisp and precise…. I am gonna follow u on his blog and chase u to write more

    Btw I liked Jo following that tradition at the st Nikolas hoping to get a treat :-)) does he really need one with a wonderful and talented wife around?????;-))..

    Love…. Such

    • Suchitra – at last!!! Thanks for the kind words – the writing bug has slowly returned and more surely will come. Glad you follow now, so you can not forget. And btw, believe me, all men love a little treat at times, we all like to feel special. lol. Ciao, C

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