Thai mild yellow curry in a Pineapple Boat

Although fresh Pineapples are available here more or less all year round, I tend to make use of this delicious fruit mainly freshly cut and eaten either after a meal or as a little snack, but not so much in cooking, which is a shame really.


So when on my recent trip to Bangkok I visited the well-known AMARI Atrium Hotel on Petchburi Road I got engrossed in a serious discussion with their excellent Executive Sous Chef Chumnong Kehathong about the versatility of pineapples in cooking in general and in Thai cooking in particular.

Since I could not make up my mind that day what to have for my lunch he suggested making this delicious dish here not only for me to try but also for all of you who do read my Blog and might like to prepare this in your own kitchen.

It is so easy and quick to prepare and very versatile. On that day he made it with tender chicken breast pieces. But since I am home again I already had it prepared with wonderful big fat fresh prawns, since Jo does not eat anything which flies.

Also thinly sliced pork goes very well with this preparation – so in fact it is entirely up to you and your taste buds on that day what you actually use. I like the fact that I have those various options and needless to say, I do like all three of them very much.

I did not have any rice or roti with this dish, but this of course is always an option, in which case, I think, the “pineapple boat” can be shared between two people.

So Chef Chumnong greets you all with a smile and “Sawasdee krap” and hopes, like I do, that you enjoy his dish.


Thai mild yellow Curry

300 gram chicken breast

3 Tbsp yellow curry paste

3 cups of creamy coconut milk

1 cup of chicken stock

30 gram Onion

30 gram Potatoe (boiled and cubed)

30 gram of pineapple

1 piece of red chilly

½ Tbsp palm sugar

1 Tbsp fish sauce

1 cup vegetable oil


Cut chicken breast into nice even strips or small cubes.

Take wok, heat on low heat and add oil with curry paste and mix well.

Then add chicken and cook, stirring all the time, until 80% cooked.

Now add coconut milk, chicken stock, onion, potato, pineapple, chilly, palm sugar and fish sauce and bring to boil and cook until chicken is finally cooked.

Now either serve with rice (it’s up to you and your individual taste buds which rice you prefer) or in a “boat”.


For this cut off carefully lengthwise a slice of the pineapple and scoop out the flesh without damaging the outer shell, and use as stated in recipe. When everything is cooked, re-fill the “boat” and serve with ‘arjat’ which is very thinly sliced cucumber and shallots mixed with some pineapple juice and a little white vinegar (as per your taste). Delicious! 


(Photos: Manningtree Archive)


29 thoughts on “Thai mild yellow curry in a Pineapple Boat

  1. I am making a list, heading to the store and am going to attempt this – imagine how fab this would be for a Thai themed dinner party!
    Thank you for the likes – much appreciated.
    xo reversecommuter

  2. Very attractive and inviting plate. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I will further check out your blog : – )

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