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Smiles from Kerala’s Backwater

As some of you already know I do love photographing people. Not in a studio mind you (I would not have a clue!), but out and about wherever I am and have an opportunity.

Most people are quite happy to have their pictures taken – just smile, ask politely and should they say NO, still smile, thank them and just walk away.

I have been away from my computer desk for a little while due to some serious lack of time. But all going well and (like Arny says)……I will be back! Next week in fact and with some nice little treats, too. So please friends, do not go away – just be patient and keep looking in.

Today was a special treat-day for me. I found at last some photographs I had been searching for all over the place (I of course misfiled them, oh dear!) and I had been wanting to show you for some time.

On one of my sporadic trips to the beautiful Backwaters, my driver and I got lost one day in the middle of nowhere.



Whilst he was finding out the best way home I kept watching what I thought was a lone fisherman paddling home from a day’s fishing out at sea. Lucky me, he came towards us and got out of his boat lamenting to my driver in their local language that he had not really been very lucky that day – only one single crab! How can anyone feed a family on just one single crab! I felt for him but I wanted to have my picture of that crab. And out of his boat he pulled this enormous crastation!


How much would a fishmonger charge for this size in your place? Do tell me?

He was also very happy to have his own picture taken – but a smile he would not give me, no way! Absolutely not!








DSC_0290 DSC_0291



So I thought “that’s it then”, smiled and thanked him in Malayalam (which I do NOT speak) and this acted like a magic wand. My new-found friend totally cracked up hearing me making a hash of his language – too funny for words and so both of us laughed and I at last got my smile and I realized why he refused at the beginning. But who cares – how can anybody resist this weather beaten face and sparkling eyes? Could you or your camera?

Until soon – Carina x