(Part I)


We all at times have the need and urge to get away for just a few days in order to escape the pressures of everyday life with its problems and subsequent frustrations.



And living here in Cochin we have quite a wide choice within Kerala itself to escape to.



This is exactly what Jo and I did last week – as usual on the spur of a moment; Sunday night this was discussed, Monday morning we were off.



So now get your own cup of coffee/tea/milk or cold drink and come with me “down South” here in Kerala.



Only a few hours of leisurely drive took us past Trivandrum (the actual State Capital) and another 12 kms further South to the little town of Kovalam, right at the edge of the Arabian Sea with its warm water and gentle breeze and against the dense backdrop of those tall Coconut trees, swaying gently in the breeze.


After all, Kerala is known as ‘the land of Coconuts and Spices” and coming in to land at the Airport in nearby Trivandrum, the site of the lushness of the land and those trees always makes our hearts do a couple of extra beats and our blood flow a bit faster.


And despite our extensive travels abroad, we always enjoy coming back home!



Kovalam is also popularly known as the “Paradise of South India” and there is no doubt, that Kovalam Beach is the most famous beach in the whole of India.


And the sunset….  – oh my friends, I must not forget to mention THE SUNSETS!  Painters and Photographers alike have such a big variety of those, since it is never ever the same the next evening.


This is also a place which has over the years turned into a more than popular honeymoon location, and many foreigners come here to get married on the Beach.


Since ca. 1930 this town has developed into quite a popular tourist destination for domestic as well as foreign tourists alike. What attracts them to come down here is the simple beauty, the warm waters of the Sea, the friendliness of the people who live here and of course the many Ayurvedic places providing excellent treatment for the tourists.


For further details please click here on the link for the Kerala Tourism.


I hope you enjoyed a glimpse at our Kovalam – do come back in a couple of days for Part II. See you then.



(All Photos: CS/JS – Manningtree Archive)



  1. Gorgeous post! Such a beautiful landscape… and you tell stories very well through pictures 🙂 All of your recent posts have given me a fresh new dose of the ‘travel bug’! It’s been a long time since my husband and I have been away on a nice long holiday. Hm… I might just have to book something in now!

  2. Oh Carina, enjoyed this immensly. Thank you for taking me on this wonderful trip, your photo’s are beautiful. Also thanks for dropping by my blog today, I look forward to following you.

  3. I loved your photos of Kerala. I have visited India a couple of times as my dad used to work in Dehli. I have been around the North, but have yet to make it to Kerala and the backwaters. Thank you for your pictures – you have just inspired me to get cracking and plan another visit!

    • Helloooo Lorraine, 🙂 and you know what? I did not play around with the sunset pictures. The evenings really looked like this. Inredible. I too wished I could capture this on canvas, but alas….. I can not draw nor paint at all, even if my life depends on this. Down with flu – see you soon in Part 2 (dont miss it!)

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