Autumn / Herbst

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend 🙂

Habt ein wunderschoenes erholsames Wochenende 🙂


the leaves are changing …



9 thoughts on “Autumn / Herbst

  1. hahaha Carl – I just read this out to my husband and we both had a really nice chuckle. Thank you! The changing of the Seasons is something I really miss living out here – what can be nicer on an early sunny autumn day than to walk through a park and see this incredible colour on the trees and shrubs etc. And yes, little bit later I would like to kick up leafes from the path. Carina 🙂

  2. Our leaves start changing around this time for rather different reasons–not because the autumn chill is upon us but because our lengthy periods of 40+ degrees C and dry weather go on into autumn so long that the leaves cook to death. We think we might follow. This year we’re told to expect an extra cold winter, so that will likely bring the occasional big ice storm that is characteristic of this region every 4 years or so. No wonder we all talk about the weather so much: it runs our lives more than we do!

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