Friday the 13th !

Dear Friends

On Thursday I went shopping in order to bring you some very nice Recipes – but it was not meant to be. A small domestic accident in my bathroom on Friday morning put me out of action for the next few Weeks with a fracture on my right ankle. Doctor ordered strict bed-rest with my leg up.

So please bear with me, don’t go away. I will try to post something as soon as I feel a bit better.




19 thoughts on “Friday the 13th !

  1. Carina, I feel your pain. My fall in the Street did not wait until Friday 13th. My ankle was sprained, painful and swollen, so I can imagine the discomfort you are in right now. Rest plenty at the beginning, it pays in the end. Healing hugs GM.

  2. So sorry about your accident, Carina. My daughter just messaged me today that her neighbour who is only 60 and very fit, slipped in the shower and died from a fractured skull. Do be careful. xx

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  4. Not going anywhere ! Just get better – sometimes an enforced rest is good for the soul .. and body too !! Take care and get well soon . Hugs !!!

  5. I’d missed this Carina -I’m so sorry to hear of your mishap and the outcome – I know exactly what you’re going through – I fell down the stairs a couple of years ago and ended up with my leg in the air for seven months. Thank goodness for a trip to plan – you: Bangkok, me: Venice. Though walking was a real challenge, I hope Bangkok gives you as much joy and inspiration as Venice gave me! 🙂

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