Archive | October 21, 2013

STOP ………… this Crap!

At last, after just over 6 weeks, I was able to ‘hopple’ on crutches to my computer – not an easy journey, mind you. I was worried that I might have been clogging up my email box. So many kind messages from friends and readers – thank you all! But unfortunately I also found lots of totally unwanted messages, with and without attachments, from 5 companies, who seem to make it a habit of sending their rubbish to my computer on a mostly daily basis.

Over the past few months I have clicked on the “unsubscribe” button each time I was bombarded by them, then I even have written to them directly, explaining that I never even “subscribed’ to them in the first place and that their buttons don’t seem to work either and, you might have guessed it, no response except more of their rubbish on my computer. To be honest, I do not know what else to do now.

So when Jo found this very apt and (to me) hilarious song I thought this would be the perfect one to share with you and hopefully make you smile as well.

I will not be able to cook and post recipes just yet, but I will try to come back to you later in the week with some little photo articles. Until then – Carina