I woke up in my hotel bed long before the requested “wake up” call. Having taken my medicine for this wretched foot of mine, who’s swelling just refuses to come down, and enjoying my first cup of coffee lovingly prepared by JS, I too settled down to reading the morning paper but was soon slightly ‘put off’ by the usual headlines of gloom and doom from around the world. Contemplating if I really wanted to continue or listen to some nice gentle music instead my eyes were drawn to a small article complimented by a few photographs on the inside of this newspaper.

Once I started reading I simply could not stop and before I knew what hit me tears were streaming down my face. My subsequent sobbing made JS jump out of his chair and rush to my side assuming that I was overcome with too much pain. I could only point to the article which he quickly read and understood and the gentle man that he is, he let me cry for a little while. And a few moments later I realised that as apparently some of my tears were also part of a certain amount of self-pity because of the pain I have to endure right now, the majority were for this sad and at the same time beautiful story  – and all my self-pity flew out of the window in one big whoosh. I even felt a bit ashamed for feeling sorry for myself – my problems are absolutely nothing compared to not only some stories here on screen but especially this heart rendering one.

Xie, a young 44 year old woman from Beijing, is suffering from terminal lung cancer in its last stages and she had only one wish – to get married to 50 year old Tea, who is from Korea and whom she had met 2 years ago. When he learned of her cancer he proposed and in December 2013 the two loving people tied the knot in an auditorium in Beijing. Xie who is now extremely thin and far too ill to stand during the 30 minutes ceremony, sat in a chair  – looking as regal as a Queen and very radiant. Xie wore a tailor made western style long white wedding frock made out of satin and lots of lace.

But the most beautiful thing of all was to see the love and happiness of this beautiful bride and the love and devotion on her groom Tea’s face.

One can only wish and hope that this couple will be given the chance by “the powers above” to spend some more time together here on earth.


For Xie and Tea


(Photo: © Manningtree Archive)


15 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING

  1. God bless Xie with a long life and Let the love between xie and tea last forever .. Just like the lovely couple Carina and JS… 🙂 cheers

  2. That is too bad that she has terminal cancer. I am glad that she and her husband finally were able to get married. I hope you will recover from your accident, too.

  3. I’m sorry that you are still having problems with your foot. I can so relate because I broke my foot on the first day of a trip to Italy several years ago. I was in a cast and on crutches for my entire trip. You are so sweet to be touched by a couple you don’t know except through the news article. Even though their time together may be limited, I’m sure it will be a very meaningful relationship.

  4. I hope you get better soon! Xie and Tea their love may be short but real. I am happy for them find each other and be a couple…so many people spent their entire life still couldn’t their true love. In the way they are still lucky!

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