Kölle Alaaf! “Long live Cologne” – ROSENMONTAG IN KOELN

Forgive me my friends for not quite being myself today – Samba Music and other Carnival music (mostly in the Cologne- /Rhineland dialect) is to be heard in our house nearly all day, somehow household chores seem to be getting done just a bit easier J. So come and join me, play the first video  “….Mer han dr Karneval em Blot …” and dance along with me.

“We have Carnival in our blood….”

Tomorrow, Monday, is the famous ‘Rosenmontag’ (Rosemonday) in Germany – the highlight of the Carnival season, celebrated by Millions of Germans and foreign tourists alike. No cold, snow or rain can keep us off the streets at this time. Old and young just want to do one thing – to dress up in any kind of costumes, the more ridiculous the better and often more fun, and to enjoy themselves. No social- or language barriers can stop us – because they simply don’t exist.

“Rosenmontag” sees an incredible parade of wonderful floats driving through the city centre – it is a fantastic spectacle and all along the route one can hear the cry “Kamelle” (sweets) of the crowds and the people on top of the floats oblige happily and by the arm full throw “Kamelle” into the swaying and singing throngs of people. Another float throws “Struessjer” (sweet little bouquets of flowers), tiny toys, Erasers into the crowd of “Jecken” (crazy people). But of course, I must not forget the “Buetzje” – little pecks/kisses on the cheeks, on this day it is like “kissing under t he Mistletoe”.

Once the parade is over, the celebrations don’t stop here – but continue in Pubs (Oh, give me a good Koelsch Beer), Restaurants and Halls -.

Difficult to bring you, who has never been there, quite the atmosphere? of that day, but let me include those two videos here  (my thanks to Youtube) which will give you a little insight at least. And to all of you my friends, who have been there, even a long time ago, happy memories.




5 thoughts on “Kölle Alaaf! “Long live Cologne” – ROSENMONTAG IN KOELN

  1. Wow.. I would certainly want to see the rosemontag one day.. Maybe when i get to travel to Germany some day..obviously you were able to plant that desire in me with this picturesque write up.. 🙂

    • Suchi – my friend. Oh how I wish you and your husband would actually fly out for this (maybe in a small!!! group of close friends) – I promise you it is soooo much fun and knowing you I guarantee that you will enjoy this. Nevermind the language – you would manage 🙂 The Germans, especially in the Rheinland :), are kind and jolly people and will always help a Foreigner.

  2. Als ich diesen Artikel entdeckt hatte, musste ich doch sehr schmunzeln. Da hat das Bloggen wohl zwei rheinische Frohnaturen zusammen geführt. Ich bin sozusagen mit 4711 getauft und lebe zwar schon fast 36 Jahre in Rheinland Pfalz in der schönen Vorderpfalz in der Nähe von Bad Dürkheim, aber wenn der Rosenmontag gekommen ist, dann gibt es kein Halten mehr: Ich sehe mir im Fernsehen “dr Zoch” an und abends die Sitzung aus Köln. Wenn ich die Lieder höre dann spüre ich, dass diese Verbindung wohl ewig hält.
    Ich winke Dir zu und danke für Deine Mail und habe hiermit wohl auch Deine Frage beantwortet. 😉

    • Danke Beate, ich war auch ueberrascht wie meine Gefuehle hochkamen als ich entdeckte, dass Karneval in Koeln angekommen war – Du hast schon richtig gesagt, dieses Gefuehl geht wohl niemals weg :). Ich hoffe doch nun, dass Du auch weiterhin bei mir rein schaust. Bis bald – Carina

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