Happy Easter …..

…. From Bangkok, to all my blogging friends wherever you are in the world.
Paschal Lamb . as seen in Florence/Italy
The blessed palm leaf (from the Assumption Cathedral, Bangkok)
White stone egg from Burma (can you make out the carved details on it?)
White KPM Rabbit with Quails eggs in our house
China Easter eggs on display in Florence/Italy
Easter bunny in our house – what a load to carry


(© Photos: Carina-Joseph Sebastine/Manningtree Archive)


14 thoughts on “Happy Easter …..

  1. Instead of doing what almost everyone around here is doing for Easter, I am going to the Lao Temple to celebrate the New Year with my Lao friends. I know so many people in Bangkok, guess I need to go back, but then again, it has become a giant city since I was there twenty some years ago and I am not fond of giant cities so…

  2. Liebe Carina,
    bis Pfingsten gilt die Osterzeit. So kann ich dir jetzt noch Frohe Ostern wünschen!
    Ich hatte deine letzten Beiträge nicht in der Anzeige und lese sie jetzt erst.
    Lass es Dir gut gehen!
    Herzliche Grüsse – Uta

  3. Dear Carina, I missed out on blog Easter this year, and did not come to wish you a happy Easter. I’m sorry. This post is lovely!

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