Divine Intervention……. or not !?

As I mentioned in my previous Umbrella article, the Monsoon brings much needed respite from the scorching heat to farmers, animals, humans etc.

When I heard the hour-long rumbling of thunder the other night, I did not think that there would be any damage to houses or trees in our city – the ‘thunder’ sounded more like the noise which normally comes with weather lightening in the tropics, but…… I obviously was wrong.

And just so that you know, I dislike shopping; I really do and always did. Normally I more or less know what I want when I ‘breeze’ into the shop and if the Assistant tells me the item I am looking for is not available I am normally out immediately. No hanging around, being followed at every step I take by the said Assistant trying to sell me something I really do not want or need, for that matter.

Shopping for food items is a slightly different matter – after all this is a necessity to one’s daily life.

I think we all have our favourite Supermarket/Shop and I am no different in that respect. Although there are Supermarkets and Shops not too far from my area, I still like to do my fortnightly food shopping in Ernakulam itself, at the “Supermercato Ashis”, which is managed and run by a very nice group of people for many many years.

But even here, where I am really well looked after regarding ‘customer service’ and where certain members of staff know my shopping list more or less in advance (!) I do not like to linger around for too long.

It is a very busy place, right on one of the most important roads in our city; finding a car parking space is like trying to win the lottery and for walking on the pavement…….

There are not too many fully grown trees gracing our city streets any more due to partially much needed developments, like the METRO.
But this tree, like all the others, gave slight shade to pedestrians, birds etc. and now, I found this …..

When I talked to Security –on- Duty I was told, that the storm a few days previously had brought this tree crashing down, but….no one got hurt, nor a car damaged. Sheer luck!

I will miss that tree!



14 thoughts on “Divine Intervention……. or not !?

  1. When people suffer from the fury of the elements it’s obviously tragic , but also when trees are knocked down and destroyed by climatic phoenomena, it’s a great loss for our planet….
    I’m very sorry for what happened in your country and ,as far as shopping is concerned, I dislike it too and , if not indispensable , try to avoid it….
    So , I totally understand you!

  2. Carina,
    Shopping, particularly clothes shopping is something for which I have a very limited tolerance. I have often confounded myself by deciding that I have had enough of shopping before I manage to buy the thing I went out to get. As I get older, I get less forgiving too. Soon I will end up resorting to the Internet for my trousers. Perish the thought.

  3. I am not a shopper in any sense of the word. Thank the heavens for online retailers. I’ll do my shopping there and,if need be, go to a local store to literally get my hands on the item. I’m usually in and out of the store in minutes. Like you, though, grocery shopping is different and if there’s a well-stocked pasta aisle, well, I’ll be home later rather than sooner.

  4. The monsoon must have come in with a vengeance to have taken trees down like that. Or is that what normally happens? I’ve never experienced the onset of a monsoon season. As for shopping, I completely agree with what you say. I loathe shopping, especially for clothes. 🙂

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