8 thoughts on “Sing “Happy Birthday” to the Queen

  1. You have made me cry and clap!! I am a Scandinavian girl born in Estonia – but I arrived in Australia when it was still a country ‘over palm and pine’. I was fortunate to see HRH and her Consort during her 1954 trip to our country and meet her beloved Mother as a university student. And then be lucky enough to be introduced to a number of the family in London during later life. Oddly enough I am still a staunch Monarchist here [as over half of us are] as ‘why fix it if it ain’t broke’! During her well remembered Coronation she promised life-long service: she has more than delivered! And the current youngsters are also working with pride! . . .’God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen’! Thank you!!

  2. good morning, Eha. Thank you for your comment. Now you made me cry a little tear the way you ‘spoke’ with pride and joy about her experience. There is some similarity between us, you and I. I was born in Germany, but now I am British and in “my previous life” I too was fortunate to meet many senior members of the Royal Family, some even at semi-private occasions, and yes, I do treasure those memories, but unfortunately never Her Majesty.

    • We share some ‘history’ – how unexpectedly lovely! Perchance HRH Princess Margaret with Lord Snowdon at Royal Ascot quite on multiple occasions might not have been an unequivocal joy but the opportunities to have afternoon teas with Princess Marina surely were! Lucky us!! The Estonian Ambassador, the Hon August Torma, had been in Queen’s Gate forever when I first had the opportunity to curtsy . . . his delightful wife, Alice, in her quiet and curt and formal way quite knew what would thrill a young married gal in her twenties . . . I behaved: she took me along [oops, I HAD to!]: I remember . . . and now I would love to say ‘thank you’!! Oh: HRH the Queen: no, was not even there for one of the Garden Parties . . . but oh those Annie Leibovitz photos . . .

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