Thai Chicken with Aubergine



As some of my loyal readers know by now, my husband JS and I have a very special connection with Thailand, Bangkok in particular, which started way back in 2002.

We used to fly over nearly every year a couple of times spending each time up to a whole month just relaxing, seeing friends etc. and enjoying their food and culture.

Over the years we have visited many restaurants in this vibrant city and yes, we too have at least a couple which are our absolute favourites, one of which is the famous “BLUE ELEPHANT RESTAURANT” at 233 South Sathorn Road, Kwaeng Yannawa, Khet Sathorn, Bangkok. 10120.


On our last visit to Bangkok I was all scheduled to attend some Thai Cooking Classes at their equally famous and renowned School but unfortunately a health issue with me which kept cropping up forced us to fly home a bit earlier than planned and therefore I never managed to attend my classes, to which I was looking forward to so very much.


But, be rest assured, as soon as I can fly again, we will be off once again to Bangkok and I will make sure I can attend classes under the incredible tutelage of Master Chef Nooror and her team.


I wanted to clear out my fridge a little and when I saw chicken breast and Eggplant (Aubergine) I thought I treat myself, and hopefully you, too, to my own version of Thai

“Chicken with Aubergine”.


1 chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces
1 whole aubergine, just washed and “topped & tailed”, into small cubes
80 g (approximately) of Green Curry Paste
150 ml Coconut cream
2 Kaffir Lime Leaves
1 Tbsp Fish Sauce
½ Tbsp sugar
2 large Chilli
Some fresh Basil
Oil – just a minimum


Heat up Wok on medium heat with a little splash of Oil – add green curry paste.
Stir and when that lovely smell enters your nostrils, turn down heat to minimum.


Now add coconut cream.

Bring carefully to a boil and immediately add prepared chicken pieces, eggplant and the kaffir lime leaves. Also add fish sauce and a bit of sugar.
Stir gently and simmer for 5-8 minutes.
Garnish with chilli and fresh basil.
Ideally serve with Thai rice.


ทานให้อร่อย (Enjoy your meal!)

NOTES: I was lucky that I still had some of my BLUE ELEPHANT ingredients which I purchased on our previous visit to Bangkok.


I was not able to find any Thai rice here at the moment (out of stock).

PS: All three pictures, except those credited to Carina Sebastine are courtesy of


14 thoughts on “Thai Chicken with Aubergine

  1. I love opening your posts: always a smile 🙂 ! Lovely recipe: like the addition of eggplant here – must ‘do’ that next time around. Oh I adore Bangkok also – am afraid my first visit was at a very young age in 1960: it was a very different city with as yet few tourists or Western visitors: one felt a little like Anna Leonowens must have . . . wonderful stories from that era . . . modernization is inevitable, but I must admit to fond memories of those first visits! DO hope you get back soon . . .

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 – for you, Eha. There is no doubt at all – this city was certainly very much different in 1960. At the “Mandarin Oriental” (one of our most favourite hotels, by the way) you can view wonderful old photographs of not only the hotel but the city etc. We love viewing them every time we are there. And, don’t wait too long – try to get back once more.

      • *big smile* The first time I went the first ‘New’ wing had just been built onto the Oriental and everyone hated it! Our pub was the Erawan which I am certain has also been rebuilt since it is still featured. Fun times: it was SO hard to get permission to visit the Royal Palace with a special guide . . . but my husband and I were freely allowed to climb Wat Arun [NOT joking!] and I got ‘stuck’ half-way up and if I continued the true tale you would not believe it!!

  2. Dear Carina, many thanks for your kind article ! As a foodie and home cook, I can just love this blog where travelling meets gastronomy. Keep on delighting your readers with flavorful and colorful recipes ! We are expecting you at the cooking school on your next stay in Bangkok ( or Phuket) with great pleasure

    • No, not at all, this is a misconception. Firstly food in Thailand is far far less costly then in Europe and/or America – Thai people love to eat – even Streetfood there I happily eat (at least from most places) – their ‘trick’ is eating every 2 hours small delicious portions of healthy food.

  3. I could very happily live on this for weeks! It looks wonderful, I love anything with green curry paste and coconut milk, and I imagine that is a wonderful one. I’m lucky to find any in the stores here in the midwest of the US, and when I do I end up buying a couple and taking them back and forth from my house to the folks. Sometimes I forget what I have where, lol!

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