Namaskaram friends – who is ready for Tea?

You – you or you ? Then please come and join me at my table for some delicious little “Fusion-Chickpea-Burgers” – (…… of West-Africa and India).


The original recipe I managed to extract from a dear friend in Nigeria, where we lived for nearly 5 years a long time ago! Her cook seemed to have a never-ending supply ready for ‘Madam’s visitors’, and there were always plenty, since her husband was the Governor of Western Nigeria. She and I became very good friends over those years and it was truly sad to have to say goodbye to her and the family.

Over the following years I ‘tweaked’ the recipe a bit here and there to suit our personal taste. I have not made this for quite some time until the other day, when I was caught having been a bit over ambitious cooking far too much ‘white Kaddala’ – Chickpeas. I believe that most of you can just go to the nearest grocery store and buy tins of readily cooked chickpeas – I cannot, but this is not too much of a bother. I normally just soak the amount I need overnight and wash and cook them the next day, ready to be used in all sorts of recipes – Indian or International – (I particularly love to use them in a nice fresh salad), so you can always find a container of them in my fridge.


Now, cut a long story short, looking at this big bowl of cooked chickpeas suddenly the idea of making some delicious snacks for our tea time came like a flash. But where did I keep the old recipe? Of course, in the hurry I could not find it and so just from memory I jotted it down and started ‘tweaking’ again and I came up with the following:


I do hope you like this and will give it a try.

Remember: if you cannot buy tinned chickpeas – soak and boil!!!! In advance.

I used the following for 8 little Burgers:


1 ½ x cups of boiled chickpeas
2 x medium sized boiled potatoes
½ x cup of very finely grated carrots
¼ x cup of finely chopped red capsicum
4 x garlic cloves
1 x tsp of hot red chilli flakes
1 x Tbsp of wheat flour (you can use 1 x egg instead for binding, if you prefer)
1 ½ Tbsp of Chaat Masala (store bought)
Salt and pepper to taste
A splash or two of Tabasco
Plenty of finely chopped coriander (you can also use parsley instead)
Oil for shallow-frying!

Put everything with the exception of the carrots (those have to be grated separately) into the Mixy and pulse just for a few seconds. You may have to add a few drops of water – so keep checking.


Do not over-pulse this, a little bit of crunch is nice!
Wet your hands and start making small Burgers – not to thick thou. Keep on a plate/tray and move to your freezer for 30 minutes or so.


Add little bit of oil to your favourite frying pan and on a medium to low heat start frying those little Burgers – 3-5 minutes each side was enough for mine, but please keep checking yours – they should end up golden brown and not dark!!!

Drain on plenty of kitchen paper and serve while still hot – with a nice cup of tea or coffee.
They are also very nice for Lunch or a light evening meal with a good salad on the side.


And guess what – tomorrow I will make yet another batch for my freezer!!! – after all there are still chickpeas left!!!

BTW, today is my late mother’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Mutti – R.I.P

Guten Appetit.

Carina xx


57 thoughts on “Fusion-Chickpea-Burgers

  1. Well, you picked your time well – was just going off for the weekend and would have had to wait for this fusion beauty! Love chickpeas to bits, best home cooked but time often does not allow – sugar, I can get about ten different brands of tinned ones in any s’market!! Cheapest ingredients to buy also: even when they come from Italy!!! As long as one rinses the excess salt off, most will do!! Have not used potatoes alongside nor chaat masala [do have!] so this is an interesting fusion and I can ‘fuse’ my own way too 🙂 !! Think of your lovely late mother with a smile . . . and explain from where that beautiful china bird has come . . .

    • 🙂 🙂 !! In retrospect a silly question – should have picked it as Meissen ! Have a lovely Sunday: if one can with the news out of München . . . . so sad thinking of how many innocents will again be blamed for the latest . . .

  2. These are absolutely delicious and simple to make. We love having these and feel guiltless when the pile on our plate is a little more than usual. 🙂

  3. Hello, Carina. I’m visiting your blog for the first time and pleased to find a very interesting chickpea dish on offer. I enjoy chickpeas but don’t cook nearly enough things with them though I DO make falafel and chickpea curry. I’ve even made an Indian sweet (besan burfi) with chickpea flour and a gluten free pasta, though the latter wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped..

    I’d love to give these burgers a try.

  4. This certainly looks yummy to me. In Texas chickpeas are readily available, both dry and in cans. Many stores here also now carry refrigerated plastic tubs of fresh hummus in various flavors. Because of the large Mexican presence here, historically and up through the present, chickpeas in Texas often go by the Spanish name garbanzos. I just looked at the label on an empty container of hummus and saw the first ingredient listed as garbanzos rather than chickpeas.

    • Namaskaram Sam, thank you for your compliment – to start with make “my” burgers, then use them in a salad (just a handful is enough), make hummus, make soups, make Kaddala – we just had this for our own breakfast:) ) etc. etc. just come back to me and ask I am more than happy to help. Give a little cuddle to your “babies” please. Carina

      • You have very interesting breakfasts Carina 🙂 My babies always appreciate more cuddles and they get really sooky in the winter months even though it is not very cold.

  5. I love the flavour of chick peas, Carina, and grew up with the idea of soaking vegetables overnight (i.e. mostly dried peas – back in the ’50s and ’60s). Your chickpea burgers look absolutely scrumptious. I’d probably enjoy them most with a salad, although anytime would be fine!
    I really enjoyed reading about how you were introduced to this lovely recipe, and I wish your belated mother a really happy birthday. 🙂

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