Devilish Hot TUNA Curry

As you well know by now we live right on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the beautiful State of Kerala – the land with an abandonment of Fish, Coconut, Herbs and Spices.


A Keralian household without fish – unthinkable! And of course there are as many different versions of “Red Fish Curry” as there are families in Kerala. This particular curry today is by all means not a typical traditional Kerala Fish Curry, but it is just one of many favourites in our house. This recipe started off one way or another quite differently but over time we perfected it until we got it just right for our own taste – ok, admittedly, one has to like love spices!!! Of course, you can always tone down the heat a notch (or even two or three), but if you do love “the heat” in your curry, then I suggest do not change anything – it is truly so delicious and it will only make you want more.

We love coconut in our cooking, but in this case here we completely omitted this – and don’t you agree, this beautiful red colour looks sooo inviting.

Traditionally this curry is made in an earthenware pot, a “Kalchatti” made out of clay. Unfortunately my “Kalchatti” broke the other day and I have not been able to pick one up from the road side, where vendors selling those for very little money. Somehow cooking this curry in a “Kalchatti” improves the flavour.

So, I made this curry in my normal wok on the gas stove and it tasted equally fantastic (even if I may say so myself!!!).

Again, what you see here in the photographs is just for the 2 of us, with enough left over for the following day, since letting it stand overnight will really improve the flavour. I also used a nice chunk of beautiful Tuna, which JS got from the market.



½ x kg Tuna, washed, skin and bones removed and cut carefully into neat cubes
1 ½ x large onions, halved and sliced
5 x green chillies cut lengthwise
8 x garlic, thinly sliced (our garlic is quite small)
1 x Tbsp fresh ginger, finely diced
2 x large tomatoes, deseeded and cut into quarters
Some sprigs of curry leaves
½ x tsp of Mustard seeds
2 x Tbsp of best-of-the-range Fish Masala Powder (I used a local brand Nirapara)
Little oil and salt and pepper, according to your taste
4 x pieces of Kodampuli (Kokkum), washed and then soaked in lukewarm water for 15-30 minutes (do not discard the water)

1. Soak Kodampuli and keep aside.
2. Wash and prepare Tuna, keep aside.
3. Prepare all your vegetables, keep aside.
4. Heat wok on medium heat and when hot (stay on medium! Heat) add Mustard seeds and wait for them to go ‘pop’ – WARNING: they are real little devils and will spit at you when they ‘pop’ – so do keep your face away.


5. Now add onions, garlic, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves and a little salt. Stir gently – don’t allow any of this to get dark (you might have to regulate your heat)


6. Add 2 Tbsp of your Fish Masala Powder, mix, and now followed by tomatoes, all the Kodampuli and half their water – stir again and carefully add your Tuna into this Masala (without breaking any of the pieces).


7. Add enough water to cover everything well (but, if you want extra gravy, just add a bit more water and the remaining Kodampuli water).


8. Cook gently on medium heat for 10-15 minutes (keep checking) – Done!!!

9. Cover with lid and let it stand for a while before serving. And of course as I mentioned earlier, this is even far superior the following day.

So maybe you might like to prepare this Curry a day before you have guests.


Serve this either with plain white rice, mashed potatoes, mashed Tapioca (Kappa Puzhukku), or chunks of nice bread (after all, this gravy is simply delicious).

Namaskaram, Carina


28 thoughts on “Devilish Hot TUNA Curry

  1. Not so very long ago, I would have passed this recipe by without so much as a glance beyond the title. Now, after some work on my palate, this dish is looking far more appealing. I just may give it a go! Thanks!

      • I’m going to make a nice Indian menu … hopefully in the next week and a half. First though, I’ve got to do some shopping as I have no plain yogurt in the house or tomatoes.

        Last night, I had some aloo gobi with beef/lamb seekh kababs and basmati rice with peas stirred into it. The menu suffered from a lack of a ‘wet’ or saucy dish to go with it.

        I have a package of Kashmiri style rogan josh curry mix I’d like to try … just need some cubed meat. Lamb would be great but even chicken or beef would do.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for joining me here. Yes, please, do try Tuna – I like that fish very much (leave out the rice, bread etc. and just have a nice salad or steamed vegetables with it) – thats what I do sometimes, although the gravy is soooo tempting.But, we must be strong – right?!:) 🙂
      A cuddle for Percy!

  2. Oh, absolute yummy with all your oomph! Carina, for a very long time my favourite Australian spice vendor [British-born] made yearly ‘spice tour trips’ to Kerala and I always missed them and I just have to do s’thing about that 🙂 ! This is gorgeous and I just have to get some fish masala powder off the guy and we will be in business!! *smile* I was always taught any curry was best on the third day ?

  3. 🙂 Like you, I too love Parothas – too much I am afraid, so I force myself to be good, at least most of the time!!!:) 🙂 But personally I prefer either plain Basmati Rice or a nice big chunk of freshly baked bread (to mop up this delicious gravy).

  4. From kerala you make me drool!!!Wonderful contrast in the plate carina. Fish with kudampuli in kalachatti. I am over the moon. Thanks for this post. And will be posting the video you asked for😂

    • I know – old habits die hard, right? But of course there is more than just good old salt (use it sparingly!!) 🙂 🙂 go on, be brave – experiment from now on with herbs and a few spices – what kind of food do YOU like then?

  5. Carina, this looks a dream. I’d never heard of kodampuli, so I had to look that up. I see it’s a ‘regular’ in fish curries. I’m not well up on spices, but I’m starting to learn a thing or two. 🙂 I love fresh tuna, so what could be better? Super recipe!

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