‘Schmorgurken’ in a Mustard Sauce


Today again I post a dish which my Mother loved when I was growing up – and so did I. But, like with so many “old fashioned” recipes I had put this onto the back of my memories as well joining a whole lot of others, only to be reminded of this again a few days ago when I realised I was left with a lot of cucumbers in my fridge, due to a few work related Restaurant meals recently. And since they were far too many to eat as a salad (with dill and crabsticks) in a couple of days I had to come up with something else quickly. That’s when my friend Heidi in Berlin during our weekly ‘what’s-up-chat’ reminded me again of this famous German dish. The recipe I am posting here is my own mother’s; Heidi – living in Berlin – of course has a slightly different version which contains amongst other things onions and ham.

There are of course so many different recipes for regional “Schmorgurken” and I have no idea if my one here is typical of the part of Germany I was born or……?
Never mind really, I love it and I am glad it got somehow ‘unlocked’ in my brain and so I am happy to post this here for you in the hope, you too will like it.
It is a perfect Vegetarian meal – Basmati Rice, mashed potatoes or Indian flat bread is just wonderful with this.


And for you non-vegetarian friends out there simply just add a Hamburger or Sausages.
Ingredients for 2 people and ready in 20 minutes
I used, as seen in my photographs:


4 x small cucumbers (Vellarikka)
1 x Tbsp of butter (Venna) – do not use oil here –
¾ x Tbsp of Wheat flour (Atta)
¾ cup of Vegetable broth (from a good stock cube)
¼ cup of cream – optional – but it does add tremendously to the taste!
2 x Tbsp of good made mustard (I like coarse grain)
Salt and Pepper to your own taste
Plenty of Spring onion green only

1. Wash and peel your cucumbers
2. Cut those in half lengthwise and with small spoon remove inside.
3. Cut cucumbers into (half-moon) rings


4. Melt butter on medium to low heat, add cucumbers, and stir gently.
5. Dust flour over the vegetable, add Stock and cream.


6. On low heat and without a lid, cook vegetable gently, stir occasionally.
7. Cut as much spring onion greens as you like (I prefer to do this with a scissor) and add those with the mustard to the cucumbers.


8. Add salt and pepper.


That’s it – quick, easy and so delicious.

Namaskaram, Carina


52 thoughts on “‘Schmorgurken’ in a Mustard Sauce

  1. At the end of the day just have to remember and laugh! OK: ‘schmor’ means ‘stewed’ and ‘gurken’. naturally cucumbers – huh : ? !! Love anything in a mustard sauce . . .this shall I attempt 🙂 !!

    • M.D. so glad you like this dish -it does not always have to be a costly, time-consuming, complicated etc. etc. dish in order to be sheer delicious. I hope this post will really have tempted you enough to try it soon. Re “Berlin” style, of course no cream, no mustard, just raw ham (Speck/Bacon) and 1 large onion chopped into small cubes sauteed in some olive oil for a couple of minutes, 1/2 tsp of sugar to caramelise all this, Add Cucumbers (like here) and cook on low heat, add a shot of white wine vinegar. Add some water for more gravy – 10 mins. or so on flame, salt, pepper – add chopped parsley. That’s it!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. This is just up my street – I love cucumbers in all ways, and had never come across this before – is it a traditional German recipe? Also to find a new ‘vegetable side dish’ is a bonus. I’m planning to make it this week. Thanks Carina – you are an inspiration!

  3. thank you so much for your compliment! Yes, this is very much a traditional German dish. There are of course many many regional variation and also a lot of families over the years have put their own spin to this. Re the (non vegetarian) Berlin version, check above in my answer to “Mad Dog” 🙂

    • Hm yes, Lorraine, it must be a bit difficult at times for you since yours is also a commercial Blog – for me? I just try and post what I like/liked too. And of course I am happy if I then find out through their comments/likes that people who visit my Blog like what I show them. You know I just realised I followed you now for so many years and have seen how you evolved – wonderful!!!! I want to give your Mom’s Beef Rendang a go shortly – I am sure it will be absolutely delicious 🙂 🙂 Stay well.

  4. I really shouldn’t read your recipes when I’m feeling peckish! 🙂 You have so many recipes from different parts of the world after all your travels, and it’s good to see one from your homeland. There are many lovely German recipes I love and I’ll make a copy of this one.

  5. 🙂 guten morgen, Millie – did you make this by now? Its sooooo quick!!! More German recipes to come, no fear 🙂 🙂 – I never have a set plan, I just look in freezer/fridge and what I can actually get in the shops and ……… when I can not go to sleep I search for “my brainwave”.

  6. It looks lovely and very German too. I lived in Germany for a year when I was a student and I can imagine being served this at one of the teachers’ houses.

    • 🙂 thanks – and just to let you know, my friend on the other side of the world, I too have learned a few things from your blog since following you 🙂 Re scissors – I cut many things with those instead with knife. Take a small bowl, add parsley or whatever and snip snip snip – works like a dream!!!

      • My mother-in-law taught me how to use scissors to chop herbs – I often use a mug not a bowl – so easy – you are right it does work like a dream. I always travel with a pair of scissors – so wherever I am I can cut so many things!
        However now I live in China I have learned to use a cleaver which looks so fierce but is fantastic for large quantities of herbs, and many other ways of cutting meat and veggies.

  7. Das ist ja eine gute Idee, die Schmorgurken mit Senfsauce zu machen. Das Vorgehen selber ist bei dir auch anders, als ich es kenne, hier werden die Gurkenstücke etwas angebraten. Ich behalte das Rezept mal im Hinterkopf, in der Speisekammer stehen noch 2 große Eimer unserer reichen Gurkenernte und mein Mann liebt Schmorgurken.
    LG Oli

    • Hallo Carola – schoen dass Du zu mir in die Kueche hereingeschaut hast. Wie Du ja weisst, jeder Haushalt hat sein eigenes Rezept, aber Schmorgurken bleiben Schmorgurken, lecker, lecker und ich wuerde mich schon ein wenig freuen wenn Du mal “meine” Variante versuchst. Ich komme gerade vom Einkaufen zurueck und ja, fuers Wochenende gibts? ….rate mal 🙂 🙂 🙂 Liebe Gruesse

      • Ich habe für morgen noch kein Gericht geplant, an sich wäre es die Gelegenheit, die Senf-Schmorgurken zu testen. In jedem Fall gebe ich Rückmeldung, wie es gelang!
        Dir einen guten Appetit. Liebe Grüße zurück, Oli

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