It is the biggest Festival Season in the State of Kerala right now.

With a good number of holidays over a stretch of 10 days (including the week-ends) people are engaged in the various multi-cultural and multi-religious festivals during those days with ONAM being the main festival of the year.

Please check my old post of 16 August 2012.


So for this year once again I send ONAM Greetings to all my readers, near and far, with this beautiful greeting card which JS especially designed for my Blog on this occasion.

The background of JS designs represents a model of the traditional Kerala Saree with the Pallu on both ends decorated with the time-honoured Kasavu (Jerry).

The illustrations shown within the Saree represent the famous Pulikali (Tiger dance), Pookalam (floral designs which are exclusively for ONAM) and the customary Banana leaf (a.k.a. Vazhayila/Kerala Plate) on which the sumptuous ONAM Sadya (a meal of more than 30 Vibhavangal !!! (different kinds of delicacies)) are served.

Namaskaram Carina


27 thoughts on “HAPPY ONAM 2016

    • thank you, Rebecca; but to be fair, a lot of the credit here this time goes to my husband – he not only designed this beautiful “greeting card” but of course also helped me with the interpretations of the various sections within this “card”.

  1. Happy Onam, Carina! Enjoy!! This is s totally new festivity to me and I am so looking forwards to doing some research after work . . .Namaste, dear teacher . . . as I have told you totally honestly – out of all India Kerala fascinates me most of all . . .

  2. Me – teacher? – absolutely not my friend! In fact I am the one who is still learning all the time – You start searching on the internet and you will find that you easily spend hours! alone on the subject of ONAM. Just look at those beautiful Kerala Sarees and then the Tiger Dancers. The artwork on their body is so intricate – done with great skill and love. – Kerala sees a great number of Honeymooners from the North as well as ordinary visitors. They are always fascinated by the abundance of seafood, the lushness of this State, the Hills, the shaded greenery everywhere, the backwaters – I could go on and on.

  3. Hi Carina – I am interested to know more about Onam and intend to ‘google’ it pronto. Does it only apply to Kerala?
    My daughter/son-in-law/grandsons live in Bangalore (Karnataka) so does it apply to them too? I know they just had the wonderful Ganesh Chaturthi festival – but most of this week my daughter and kids have been having to stay home because of rioting (water rights between Kantaka and Tamil Nadu I think are the bone of contention…)
    I love your posts and your card is delightful – you say it was designed by JS – is that your husband? whoever it is, they are very talented.

  4. Namaskaram Jo – I am so happy to see you here after a very long time! Hope you are well.
    Glad you liked this very short post (and maybe you read also my old one from 2012!) and here, for now, some quick answers.
    Yes, ONAM is a Kerala Festival, but of course, whereever there are people from this State in the world, they will get together and celebrate πŸ™‚
    Our eldest daughter works and lives in Bangalore – so……
    Thank you for your compliment re the card. Yes, designed by my husband Jo (Joseph) especially for this occasion and I agree with you, he is truly very talented indeed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (if you have time, why not visit his personal website: http://www.manningtreearchive.com). China is not a country we were ever able to visit – but this is even more reason to read everything bloggerfriends, like you, write about their host-country. Have you mastered Mandarin yet? πŸ™‚

  5. Namaskaram Lorraine – thanks for your good wishes!! I too love learning about all other cultural festivities and places we either have been in our lifes or will not be able to see, for various reasons – now you know why I love following you around – through you I am able to visit so many beautiful and interesting places. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ PS – not made Mom’s Rendang yet!!

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