or, Fond Memories of Summer’s Past …….

Even living here in the Tropics I am fully aware that the “…hazy days of summer…” are over for most of you. And during my now 2 weeks absence from the Computer desk I had intended to cook and photograph some delicious body-and-soul warming soups from my home country in general and from my late Mutti’s kitchen in particular. But, as it so often happens in life, I got a bit side tracked with visitors and our girls coming home as well, and somehow I ended up trying – with some modest success I like to say so myself – to bake some cakes for future postings!!!!

Even though I thought not to post any of them since they are not 100% perfect, but …..why not, I asked myself. After all I am so proud that I even managed those (since I really really cannot bake) – what do you think? I leave you for now with a famous quote by W.C. Fields “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it”. Please do let me know.


So now for today I like to show you one of my long-time favourite (warm) fruit puddings – inspired of course by living for 3 years in “Rum-and-Steelband Country” – beautiful Trinidad & Tobago/W.I. There is only one little snag concerning my recipe – I was not able to find a single mango anywhere – season is over now, but I lived under the illusion of at least finding one in the big Hypermarket, but ……….no such luck, I used an apple instead!


For 2 happy people:
½ x pineapple, peeled and sliced and cut into cubes
1 x ripe juicy mango, peeled, stoned and cut into cubes
(or use an apple instead, which makes it ‘semi tropical’)
½ x papaya, peeled, sliced, seeded and cut into cubes
1 x large banana, peeled and thickly sliced
1 x generous Tbsp of clear honey
1 x tsp of ground cinnamon
3 x Tbsp dark rum
1 x plus Tbsp of unsalted butter, room temperature

Serve with either vanilla-, yoghurt- or lemon-ice cream or a generous dollop of thick yoghurt.

This should be served if possible right at the end of the meal. So, assemble all your prepared fruit since it will only take a few minutes from start to finish.


Use a heavy based frying pan, melt butter, add pineapple and cook on medium to low heat for a couple of minutes. Keep turning the fruit and when it starts to change colour slightly add all of the remaining previously prepared fruit to the pan and cook for a further 1-2 minutes (not more!!), turning occasionally.


Now stir in honey, cinnamon and rum, cook for a further 2 minutes until sauce thickens. Serve immediately if possible.


PS: I often play around adding this and that – including some golden raisins and other sweet dried berries. But on the whole the above recipe works just fine – my guests always asked me for the recipe, since it is so delicious, fruity and quick to make.


That’s it – Guten Appetit

Namaskaram, Carina




  1. With temperatures over 30 C promised for next week, mango season cannot be far behind here! ‘Those hazy, lazy days of summer’ indeed!! So I can make the whole ‘kit-and-kaboodle’ with a smile !! Am certain those enjoying will be happy, but not from booze which has given its flavour but ‘cooked away’ . . . daresay a good wine pairing may have had an effect though 🙂 !! So glad you are back on deck . . .

  2. Of course you are right, the rum just give this dish a beautiful flavour combinded with the cinnamon but when it comes to the wine……..that, my dear friend, I will leave to you! After all you have such wonderful wine out there (in the UK we used to enjoy quite a lot of A. wine, here our local wine is pretty good, look up ‘Sula’ for info) When you sit in your garden or terrace or…., please keep 2 glasses for us ready 🙂 :).

  3. *smile* And our wines have only improved since your days in England!! Only buy French etc for comparison at times . . . and those glasses will be awaiting: remember spring and autumn are best . . . especially latish autumn!!!

  4. What an exotic looking boozy treat. I like dark rum, but I have yet to try the combo of cinnamon and dark rum. And this one sounds like the great to try this combo. Absolutely in love with this dessert, and I can have this anytime. 🙂

    • Hello Anu – so glad I was able to send something new to you 🙂 🙂 – Cinnamon and dark rum “a marriage made in food heaven” also try it on stewed apples – delicious. Only sorry my vanilla icecream melted into a small river before I could photograph this. Let me know what you think, later – please 🙂

  5. Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir das sieht ja alles so lecker aus ist auch eine kleine Anregung zum garnieren ,ja der muss jetzt immer mit der Roli ohne geht nicht.Liebe Grüße noch von mir und Umarmung Gislinde

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