Quiche Espanola!

Memories of a month in Madrid…..
…..and a Quiche named “our own Jewels in the crown”.

Some time ago we took our girls for a month long family holiday to Spain – to the beautiful and lively city of Madrid in fact. We rented a beautiful little flat in a nice and most convenient area. From here we took many trips, mainly by bus, to some of the interesting little towns often only a one to two hours bus ride away. There is so much to see – the towns, like Toledo and El Escorial by themselves, the churches, galleries, Museums etc. – so much beauty not to be missed!

Frequently arriving back ‘home’ late, we did not feel like cooking but just wanted to “chill out” as the girls called it. So to make one of my nice party/picnic/TV-viewing Quiches the day before was just the right thing to do. The only company this Quiche needed was some lovely red wine and/or Cava. Bliss!
So, to make this dish now when I am rather busy with house- and other matters, makes sense – only Cava is missing!! And instead of Spanish Red we have our Indian SULA.

For a 9 inches (22.5 cm) flan dish, I used the following:
250 g tender corn kernels (frozen) thawed
250 g tender green peas (frozen) thawed
2 x large onions, very finely chopped
5 x garlic cloves, very finely chopped
1 x red large Capsicum, finely chopped
1x yellow large Capsicum, finely chopped
1 x green large Capsicum, finely chopped
½ x a generous bunch of fresh Coriander, washed and finely chopped
3-4 x Tbsp Olive Oil

Salt and some Pepper, to your liking
3 x Tbsp Flour
4 x Eggs, room temperature
2 x tsp red chilli powder (or less if you can’t stand the heat)
½ x tsp Cumin
10 x drops (at least) of Tabasco – optional – (this Quiche does need some heat)

Drain the de-frosted corn and peas (separately!) in a small colander. Heat most of the oil in a wide pan, add onions, garlic and the entire chopped capsicum stir and cook at medium heat for 5-8 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Let this mixture cool down a bit and then add the coriander – stir.

Now ‘blitz’ the corn only until a very fine paste. Add this and the flour into a bowl, add your eggs and mix everything very well.

Combine the Capsicum mixture with the corn/flour/egg-mixture, stir and finally add more salt (if needed), Chilli powder, Cumin and of course Tabasco – stir once more.

In the meantime I have pre-heated my oven to 200 C. The total mixture gets filled into the flan dish and baked in the oven for ca 45 minutes.

Since ovens vary I recommend you check around the 45 minutes stage. In my case I switch off but leave the dish in the oven. Do not let the Quiche get dry – slightly moist is delicious.

This dish is equally good warm or cold; I happily freeze any left-overs.

So, that’s it again – enjoy – Guten Appetit.


28 thoughts on “Quiche Espanola!

    • thank you. I agree with you totally – loved Madrid and all 4 of us want to go back there as soon as we possibly could. No wish ever to visit Barcelona!! We also love the convenience of being able to travel into the country side and visit many of the wonderful old cities.

  1. This looks lovely. We are going for a big cycling adventure in Spain later in the year. Travelling from Seville to Ronda (about 700k in total with lots of climbing. All good fun. If we get food as good as this looks, it will be a bonus.

  2. Love that you make it hottish! Have just snapped my fingers and decided a ‘one-man’ variation will be very nice for today’s lunch!! All that healthy colour . . . . Have not been to Spain for years . . . somehow, just somehow Italy and France get in ahead . . . 🙂 ! But do not know Barcelona nearly as much as I would like . . . so perchance next year . . . .

    • Actually – could have been a bit hotter for us 🙂 But, my dear friend, we went to Madrid (anytime!) would not go near Barcelona with a b….pole!!!!!! Sine I was quite young B. was always a place I never ever wanted to visit because of all the wrong kind of visitors from abroad (especially Germany and UK) – such a shame – did you see the recent press?? But as I said, Madrid!!!!!! JS and I would love to go again right now, but ……. our dreams and hopes are with us 🙂 🙂

      • *grinning* Would not know the people who go but am attracted by the architecture, art and food and the closeness to so many interesting areas . . . I suppose Mad has reawakened a long ago ‘desire’ . . . no, with all the problems of the past months my usual ‘news’ awareness is somewhat missing !!! Work weekend . . . but shall write soon . . . .

  3. Looks mouth watering. Spain is definitely one of my places to go. I will be heading over to Portugal in the fall this year, but won’t be able to go to Spain if I want to appreciate each country.

    • I think I told you somewhere that we went to Lisbon for a short while, but did not see much of the “outside”, maybe next time. But Madrid was different – having done the right thing of renting a small apartment for a month (our girls were with us😁) in a most convenient area, giving us all the freedom to travel to other ancient towns. And the people are nice too.

  4. Quiche looks absolutely delicious and vibrant. Beautiful share Carina. Hope you had a great time in Madrid with girls. I live Madrid, beautiful place to visit!!

  5. A very colourful quiche, Carina, and one ideal for my vegetarian husband. I’m glad to hear you freeze left-overs, as I’ve not had much success at freezing quiches. Mine normally have cheese in them, and if Nick isn’t having any, I make a typical Quiche Lorraine, with bacon in it. The trouble is, I’ve always found the ‘filling’ goes watery after being frozen and have no idea why it should do that. I’ll just have to try yours and see how that goes. So thank you for sharing your recipe.
    It sounds as though you had a lovely time in Madrid. I love Spain and have been to various parts but not yet to Madrid. It’s a vibrant city from what I’ve heard. 🙂

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