10 thoughts on “ANTHONY BOURDAIN

  1. I’m very sad, I’ve got at least three friends who’ve been in his programmes and it’s hard to believe he’s gone. I’m drinking to all the good things he’s given us!

  2. Thank you! Coming from one of the most suicide-prone nations in this world and having experienced the choice by some members of my own family, I wondered a number of years ago whether that would be his way of departure : the ‘darkness’ was just there below his wonderful friendly charm, wittiness, knowledge and wonderful story-telling. I am sad for us – as many said he seemed like a friend . . . he made his choice in a most beautiful place and close to his best friend . . . may all the demons disturbing his soul now be laid to rest . . . Amen

  3. Speechless on hearing of him leaving us. We are longtime fans and will continue to be, but I dare not watch any of his shows for awhile. I think he’d want us to be happy when watching not sad and I fear I would be sad for now. Rest well my chef…

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