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I Have Returned ……

Hello my dear friends from near and far – after nearly exactly one year “Pause” I am now back at last and I promise that I will try to blog a little bit more on a regular basis. But for today I just wish you all a joyous and peaceful Advent weekend, wherever you are.

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Hallo meine lieben Freunde von Nah und Fern – nach fast genau einem Jahr “Pause” bin ich endlich wieder hier und ich verspreche, dass ich versuchen werde wieder etwas regelmaessiger zu bloggen. Aber fuer heute wuensche ich Euch allen erst einmal ein recht schoenes und friedliches Adventwochenende wo immer Ihr auch seid.




In a season for giving and sharing, of stocking the freezer and checking the lights, these are moments to treasure – special moments to share in twinship with the special one.

We are at home this Christmas time, after many Christmas spent far away from home – away from its relentless commercialisation.
We all have our favourite things about Christmas. Our Christmas tree and the little electric lights were brought out for the ritual of decorating it with enormous pleasure by me, born in Germany where the tradition of decorating a tree for Christmas is thought to have originated.
Our Christmas crib in the magical glow of little lights and graced by three large satin angels (courtesy of my mother) is my husband Jo’s creation. It contains mainly figures from Bangkok with additions acquired by us from various parts of Europe including England.
A red tablecloth, embroidered by my mother, covered our dining table – its centrepiece, a beautiful floral arrangement in a crystal container. Two stars, white and silver, were hung on two locations. We love this time. It can be magical – of Peace, Hope and Love.

Love can give us a fairy tale – all the sweets of life…. It is said “Love is only a word until we find the person who gives it a sense”. We would not disagree on that…
We wish all of you more happiness and good health to light up this Festive and Family time of the year. – Carina
Some more Christmas scenes from our house:

(Photos: © Joseph Sebastine/Manningtree Archive)