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Floral dreams in Bangkok

What can one do when the Doctor has ordered strict bed rest for 3 whole months? Not much, apart from resting and reading, and reading and resting (yawn!) – and dreaming of course and planning the next trip abroad.

And since Jo and I will be flying back to “our” Bangkok in the latter part of December for 1 month, there is lots to dream about, arrangements and appointments to be made etc. etc.


To keep you up-to-date with the latest spectacular flower display in the Lobby of our favourite Hotel, the MANDARIN ORIENTAL BANGKOK, created by this floral genius Khun Ken, I share with you his latest creations for this autumn.


The next one of course will be the Christmas Decoration. My camera is already cleaned and charged and waiting to take lots and lots of wonderful pictures again.


Until then – come with me, if you like, into this elegant and cool oasis and let’s have a nice cup of coffee or tea and some of their absolutely delectable and oh, so sinful little cakes…