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Monsoon Football

Wonderful – the Monsoon rains bring much needed relief from the heat, but of course, amongst other things, creates havoc on the roads!

But look here, those youngsters in Fort Cochin were not put off by the heavy downpours (I was – I stayed in the car, :)) and played their football games with vigour.






It was great fun just to sit in the car and watch them.

Carina 🙂


Peaceful Sunday

To all of you who may be sick, or housebound because of blizzards, torrential rain, or snowed in or whatever, here is just a little bit of sunshine.

HIBISCUS – a flower which surrounds us here and somehow always makes me smile when I see them.


This is from me to you – to you! – yes, and to you! – and I hope it will cheer you up just  a little bit, in order to face the world head on again tomorrow.


Ciao, Carina