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Happy New Year



Christmas Day Past

Today is Boxing Day – Christmas is more or less over and most of us will be getting ready to welcome 2013, the New Year, into our lives.

Yesterday, we went to Christmas Mass at the Assumption Cathedral here in Bangkok, beautifully decorated, the Choir always a joy to listen to and we were delighted to find out that despite the massive restoration work, scheduled until the end of 2014, their famous Crib, close to the Main Altar, was put up once again for everybody to see.

1 Christmas-past

Afterwards we walked the short distance back again to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where we sat in the Lobby for a while enjoying our drinks,  observing the comings and goings around us and occasionally exchanging Christmas greetings with members of staff and guests.

2 Christmas-past

This year’s theme for the Holidays was “White Christmas”. So luxurious, so elegant – I truly wish you could see (and smell!) this for yourself. But since you cannot, just follow me on a little visual tour and enjoy. The tree alone is made out of thousands of tiny white “Michaelmas Daisy’s” and all over the Lobby you can find vases filled with masses of  Hyacinth and Ranunculi – all in white, of course  and their heady smell reaches your nostrils as soon as you step through the entrance doors.

3 Christmast-past

4 Christmas-past

5 Christmas-past

All this is the work of one man – Head Florists/Designer Ken and his splendid team.  Creating dreamlike visions with flowers is clearly his passion, may it be for sheer hotel decorations,  which on average are being changed every 3 months, or for weddings, birthday celebrations and for so many other special occasions.

1 Christmas-


Ken has joined the Hotel a few years ago and we, with the help of our ‘trusted companions – our cameras, have been “collecting” his floral Lobby centre pieces now for a while.

Soon it was after 1 pm and we made our way to “The Veranda”, the Restaurant on the ground floor towards the riverfront, where our window table was pre-booked and where we indulged yet again in a most enjoyable a la carte lunch, but more about this another day.

And since we have been eating rather a lot in recent days, pudding and even coffee had to be declined this time; all I really wanted was my bed and an hour or so rest – which I eventually got – oh bliss!!!


Ciao, Carina

(Photos: Manningtreearchive)

St. Nikolaus Fest – 6th December

Like all good children I too received my ‘Nikolaus Geschenk’ today.

After more than a week Cooking Gas finally arrived – my computer, who had crashed earlier on, was repaired this morning and is now waiting to be used, wonderful news arrived from Bangkok regarding my Blog and my suitcase is more or less packed for our long awaited flight to Bangkok this coming Sunday – so as you can see I have every reason to be quite happy right now.

Nevermind that all my beautifully worked out plans regarding Advent-  and Nikolaus -blogging, the baking and cooking , had to be abandoned for this year; I just hope that all of you, who do celebrate this Feast Day, had a wonderfully happy time, especially our friends in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy.

And to keep with tradition, Jo too had put out a shoe in the hope that St. Nikolaus would leave a little treat for him – and yes, he did!!


                                                 a little member of our family-


       a small gift from my Mother – a long time ago –


        another gift from my Mother, which she found in a beautiful shop in Hamburg/Germany 


On my way from the hairdresser yesterday evening I saw our traditional Star’s  appearing on the houses all over the City. It is a very colourful display and yes, we too, have packed a Star to hang up in our hotel room- a hotel we have been staying at for the past eight years and where we always have been looked after extremely well. I am an absolute ‘sucker’ for everything tradition, as long as it is good and beautiful. So I leave you once again with a little visual treat.



Christmas48Christmas49Christmas51 We will be gone for a month but intend to appear on your screen occasionally from now ‘til after 6th January, 2013.


Ciao, Carina

(Photos: CS-Manningtreearchive)